Established in 2021, the Alterra Mountain Company Community Foundation is a public charity that was created to provide financial support to the members of the communities in which Alterra Mountain Company operates. Alterra founders Henry Crown and Company and KSL Capital Partners, along with Alterra’s former CEO, Rusty Gregory, donated an initial $2.6 million as seed funding; the majority of ongoing financial support will originate from public donations.

Currently, the Community Foundation focuses on granting emergency relief and hardship assistance to those in need within our mountain communities. The Community Foundation will provide grants to eligible applicants. Grants are available to individuals and organizations within the communities surrounding Alterra Mountain Company’s 15 North American destinations and the corporate offices in the Denver Metropolitan area.

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"Helping to support our community members in their time of need"



The Community Foundation was launched to provide emergency relief and hardship assistance to those in need due to situations and unforeseen circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, crime, illness or death, and other emergency hardships.


  • Individuals, organizations or businesses that are financially needy, deteriorating or otherwise distressed.

  • Individuals temporarily in need of food or shelter when stranded, injured, or lost due to a disaster.

  • Individuals temporarily unable to be self-sufficient as a result of a sudden and severe personal or family crisis.

  • Individuals in need of assistance with housing, childcare or educational expenses due to a disaster.

  • Individuals in need of assistance due to trauma experienced as a result of a disaster or violent crime.

  • Individuals or businesses who may otherwise require government financial support.

Applying individuals and qualified organizations or businesses should be able to document that they are members and/or organizations within the communities surrounding Alterra Mountain Company’s operations and/or destinations served by the Community Foundation (either through residency or employment). Emergency relief and hardship assistance payments must be used by the recipient to provide for basic necessities and expenditures as a result of the hardship or emergency, and recipients may be asked to document such use prior or subsequent to receiving any grant of assistance.

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A Canadian Grant Committee and a U.S. Grant Committee have been appointed to review applications within their region and determine those eligible to receive a grant of assistance. Representatives from the communities in which the Community Foundation operates serve as members of the Grant Committees. The Community Foundation’s Board of Directors then approves grants based upon recommendations of the Grant Committees. Selected grant recipients will be notified in the manner indicated on their application.

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Community members interested in requesting a grant from the Community Foundation must submit an application form and supporting materials to the Community Foundation by either mail or email. Assistance and relief are open-ended and include victims of current and future disasters, emergency or hardships due to the random and unknown nature of disasters and emergency situations. Applicants may apply at any time throughout the year, and the Grant Committees will review applications on a monthly basis as necessary.

Grant assistance amount and duration will be awarded based on the time span and severity of the disaster, emergency or hardship, as well as the Community Foundation’s ability to meet the requests of eligible individuals at a given time. The Community Foundation may consider the provision of additional assistance on a case-by-case basis.

Send the completed application and any supporting documentation to Alterra Mountain Company Community Foundation via email to or via mail addressed to:

Alterra Mountain Company Community Foundation
3501 Wazee Street, Suite 400
Denver, CO 80216


All donations to the Community Foundation are tax deductible. To donate, click the 'Donate' button below, or send a check or money order payable to Alterra Mountain Company Community Foundation.

Standard mail to:
Alterra Mountain Company Community Foundation
P.O. Box 102707
Pasadena, CA 91189-2707

Overnight to:
JPMorgan Chase
Attn: Alterra Mountain Company Foundation 102707
2710 Media Center Drive
Building #6 Suite #120
Los Angeles, CA 90065

Please include a return mailing or email address where the Community Foundation may send a receipt. For more information, email

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